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Hans brings all his extensive technical and hands-on experience in aquaculture to SalmoClinic®. Hans has been active in the salmon industry since 1987, starting one of the first Atlantic salmon companies in Chile, while he was finishing his marine biology studies.

In 1998 he built the first well-boat to operate in the Chilean salmon industry and through strong customer relationships and continuous technical innovation has positioned “Patagonia Wellboats Ltda.” as one of the strongest well-boat operators in Chile.

Hans is also Member of the Board at the prestigious shipyard “Asenav SA”, well experienced in high quality vessels for demanding sectors, such as Offshore vessels, Live Fish Carriers and Expedition Cruisers.

SalmoClinic® is the result of his strong believe in the potential of a true sustainable salmon industry, based on scientific knowledge and technical innovation to address its most demanding challenges in relation to fish health and welfare.


Intensive fish culture in open systems requires careful attention to fish welfare and disease control.

SalmoClinic® solutions are designed for maximum efficacy, high capacity and flexibility to address multiple fish health issues.

Efficient fish health management needs to rely on appropriate tools for well timed, rapid, safe and controlled interventions.

SalmoClinic® solutions allow for rapid adaptation to changing fish health scenarios and available treatment options.

SalmoClinic® Concept

  • The SalmoClinic® helix tank
    • Continuous swim-through bath treatment
    • Precise dose control (time of exposure and concentration of therapeutant)
    • Excellent water quality control, low stress
    • Continuous monitoring and data registration
    • Low water and energy requirements
  • Additional fish handling capabilities
  • On-board freshwater production for continuous FW treatments
  • High parasite filtering/destruction capacity

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Main Applications

  • Sea Lice Bath Treatments
    • Requires only a fraction of water/pesticides compared to other bath treatment options available.
    • Effluent is filtered, parasites retained and pesticide can be destroyed or retained, avoiding environmental impact.
    • Opens possibility of registry of new high efficacy medicinal products against sea lice
    • Low stress compared to non-medical treatments available
  • Amoeba Fresh Water Bath Treatments
    • 30 minutes freshwater bath treatments
    • Amoeba is released due to contact with freshwater and killed by UV in the recirculation loop and before releasing treatment water to the ocean.

Flash News

News March 2019

Strong positive effect of fresh water in bath treatments (“in vitro”) against Caligus rogercresseyi

News April 2019

Adult stages of Caligus rogercresseyi can show high recovery percentage after certain therapeutic bath treatments



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